Ranch of Your Dreams

Adorable ALL BRICK Ranch that is convenient to schools, YMCA, library, shopping. You name it! Perfect starter home for someone with a green thumb to get the most out of thelarge yard. Kitchen is open to dining area. Living room has wood burning fireplace and built-ins bookshelves. Bedrooms have plenty of closet space.

TEXT “128762” to 79564 for mobile property info!

Find out more: http://goo.gl/gNsWz

Q. I love your new business cards! Did you design these yourself?

A. Look, I’m good at selling houses and helping families find homes. But I’m NOT good at graphic design. Fortunately, I’ve just had an intern studying graphic design work with me for a few weeks. She was AMAZING!

Her name is Maggie Zamapirra. You can find her at http://maggiezam.com/ or reach out to her at maggiezam@hotmail.com. I can promise you that you’ll be pleased with her work ethic, professionalism and her finished products.

BTW, if you would like one of my new business cards, just give me a shout and I send it to you. I’ll even send you a couple so you can tell others about my real estate consulting services.

How frustrating!

My iPhone died. It was time. So, I decided to purchase an Atrix. Two of my sons are Android users and they convinced me to at least take a look at it.

This thing is a computer with a dual processor. I don’t know what that means, but anyone who seems to know reacts very positively. It took me two days to personalize it and get all my information imported into it.

And then I hated it! It wouldn’t do what I told it to do. It kept dialing after I was already on a call. It wouldn’t save my data. I thought it was operator problems and was ready to go back to a simpler life with an iPhone 4.

When I took it back to my carrier, I told him all the frustrations I was having. Then he said something profound… “Hmmm, it looks like this phone is defective.”

What?! All my frustrations and time investment in this super phone and it wasn’t ME? It was the PHONE? I happily got another Atrix and spent a couple of hours setting it up and… it is amazing. Simple, powerful, elegant. And it works so I can work!

What’s this have to do with real estate in Raleigh? Many people are frustrated because they can’t seem to get their house sold. Their agent listed for the price they wanted and hasn’t been seen since. The sign is growing rusty in the yard and not one buyer is coming to see the house. Now the listing is getting ready to expire. How frustrating!

Maybe, just like my phone, there is a defect in this system. My clients know they can trust me to give them the honest truth about pricing and preparing their house for the market. They know they can count on me for the communication, marketing, administration and negotiation to bring the deal to the closing table. I don’t put my sign in your yard to collect buyers for other houses. I get your home sold. And that’s what you want, right?

If you are saying…”Hmmm, this agent’s service is defective.” Give me a call. You’ll find I’m powerful and elegant and can make your life so much simpler!

What does a Brain Magnet look like? Raleigh, NC!

Once again, Raleigh has hit the top of the list! According to a recent article in Forbes magazine Raleigh-Durham is #2 in America’s Biggest Brain Magnet. Forbes says, “The area is a magnet for technology companies fleeing the more expensive, congested and highly regulated northeast corridor. Affordable housing and short commute times are no doubt highly attractive to millennials seeking to start a family.”

With our low unemployment rate and affordable housing, Raleigh just makes sense. Throw in our average commute time of 22 minutes, which is about 1/3 of the commute in big cities, and you’ve got a great place to live.

Whether you are looking for a condo in the city, a suburban family home, or a home with land, I can help you find the best home in the best city.

Time Sensitive

Q. Yvonne, I know you have a gmail account. Were you one of the half a million people that lost everything?

A. No, thank God! I feel the pain for those who lost all their data. I’ve had that happen when I was running my inbox and files on my hard drive. It is extremely unpleasant to rebuild everything. That’s why I switched to cloud computing like gmail. But Jim (my husband) has always told me I should find a way to backup the cloud. After this gmail scare, I freely admit Jim is right!

So, here’s a resource for everyone that backs up not just your gmail inbox, but also your google calendar. google contacts and a bunch of other applications including Facebook and Twitter. The best thing is that it is free for a year, if you backup today and use the promo code “savegmail”. Sleep better at night. Backup!

Here is the link: goo.gl/0LXra